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pagelogoDeveloping Series 60 Applications: A Guide for Symbian OS C++ Developers (Nokia Mobile Developer)
 To help nurture this growing market, Nokia has worked directly with EMCC Software, a leading Symbian and Series 60 Competence Center, to create Developing Series 60 Applications, the definitive guide to Series 60 development for C++ programmers and software designers. Fully reviewed by Nokia\'s subject matter experts, the authors cover the entire development process—from design, programming, and testing to debugging and deployment—while providing sixty complete projects, each with full C++ source code and installation scripts.
 detaily: ISBN: 0321227220| stránok: 800| jazyk: english| vydané: 2004| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoDeveloping Software for Symbian OS: An Introduction to Creating Smartphone Applications in C++
 The overall goal of this book is to provide introductory coverage of Symbian OS and get developers who have little or no knowledge of Symbian OS developing as quickly as possible. Provides multiple examples and extra descriptions for areas most difficult for new programmers who are unfamiliar to the unique OS architecture. Contains many tips and techniques. The book will cover development ranging from low-level system programming to end user GUI applications. It also covers the development and packaging tools, as well as providing some detailed reference and examples for key APIs.
 detaily: ISBN: 0470018453| stránok: 416| jazyk: english| vydané: 2005| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoProfessional Symbian Programming: Mobile Solutions on the EPOC Platform
 This book is about understanding and programming the EPOC operating system in C++ and Java. EPOC is a 32-bit OS designed specifically for the demands of mobile computing. EPOC was developed by Symbian, a partnership formed by Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, Matsushita and Psion. Since its creation, Symbian has forged partnerships and licensing deals with other industry leaders including Philips and Palm. Already implemented on hardware manufactured by Psion and Ericsson, EPOC will be the OS of choice for the next generation of smartphones, wireless information devices and handheld computers.
 detaily: ISBN: 186100303X| stránok: 1000| jazyk: english| vydané: 2000| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoProgramming for the Series 60 Platform and Symbian OS
 The first book covering this platform, written by experts on Series 60. The Series 60 platform is a smartphone platform designed for Symbian OS. It supports mobile browsing, multimedia messaging (MMS) and content downloading, as well as a host of personal information management and telephony applications. Programming for the Series 60 Platform and Symbian OS integrates all necessary information for application development into one document, including software design, graphics and user interface programming, communications and Java programming on Series 60.
 detaily: ISBN: 0470849487| stránok: 550| jazyk: english| vydané: 0| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoProgramming Java 2 Micro Edition for Symbian OS: A developer's guide to MIDP 2.0
 Hands-on information to help you fully exploit the capabilities of MIDP 2.0 on Symbian OS (including MMA, WMA and Bluetooth). This practical guide will walk you through developing example applications illustrating key functionality and explain how to install these applications onto real devices. Focuses on J2ME MIDP 1.0 and 2.0, as this platform has become the Java standard for phones. Covers the optional J2ME APIs that Symbian OS Java is currently supporting. Code samples are provided throughout. Contains case studies that demonstrate how to develop games and enterprise applications.
 detaily: ISBN: 0470092238| stránok: 498| jazyk: english| vydané: 2004| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoProgramming PC Connectivity Applications for Symbian OS
 The only guide for developers and power users on how to build PC connectivity applications for Symbian OS. This unique handbook provides all the information that is needed for the job. Fully worked examples and a do\'s and don\'ts section provide design recommendations and expose common pitfalls giving a highly practical focus. Explains the relevant parts of the protocols that need to be used. Demonstrates how to create your own device side components to provide new services. Shows how to handle custom servers and socket servers.
 detaily: ISBN: 0470090537| stránok: 478| jazyk: english| vydané: 2004| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoRapid Mobile Enterprise Development for Symbian OS: An Introduction to OPL Application Design and Programming
 A guide to programming Symbian OS smartphones using OPL (The Open Programming Language): a simple to learn, open-source scripting language, ideal for fast-track development of enterprise applications. This book provides a hands-on development environment for both the experienced and aspiring programmer, demonstrating the ease of use of Symbian OS technologies through the utilization of OPL. OPL has a shallow learning curve which allows bespoke corporate tools to be developed in house by technical staff who aren’t necessarily trained programmers. Source code: www.symbian.co.uk/books.
 detaily: ISBN: 0470014857| stránok: 346| jazyk: english| vydané: 2005| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoSymbian for Software Leaders (Symbian Press)
 As a co-founder of Symbian and former executive of Psion Software, David Wood has been actively involved in well over 100 smartphone development projects worldwide. Over the time spent on these projects, he has come to understand the key issues which determine the difference between successful and unsuccessful projects for Symbian OS. How to receive the full benefit of the diverse skills in the extensive Symbian partner ecosystem. The design and the philosophy behind key features of Symbian OS. The potential trouble spots of smartphone integration, testing, and optimisation.
 detaily: ISBN: 0470016833| stránok: 328| jazyk: english| vydané: 2005| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoSymbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones
 Programming Symbian OS is a key skill for mass market phone application development. Whether you are developing applications and services for shipping mobile phones, or involved in pre-market mobile phone development, this book will help you understand the fundamental theory behind developing Symbian OS C++ code for constrained devices. Comprehensive coverage of Symbian OS suitable for programming Nokia and Sony Ericsson systems and any Symbian OS v7.0 based smartphone. Also provides supporting material for Symbian OS v6.0 and v6.0 phones.
 detaily: ISBN: 0470856114| stránok: 826| jazyk: english| vydané: 2003| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoSymbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones: Programming with Extended Functionality and Advanced Features
 After a brief introduction to Symbian OS fundamentals the book focuses on describing the interaction between the OS and the application, broadly following the lifecycle of an application. It describes the new features particular to v7.0s and provides conceptual and theoretical underpinnings to give the reader a thorough understanding of the OS. Aims to build a general understanding of Symbian OS, not just for a particular smartphone or UI. Packed with code and examples. Details advanced features such as user interfaces, files and views, multimedia services and communications, and messaging.
 detaily: ISBN: 0470871083| stránok: 462| jazyk: english| vydané: 2004| predajca: Amazon

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