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pagelogoAdvanced Palm Programming: Developing Real-World Applications (With CD-ROM)
 If you’ve been looking for an expert guide to Palm programming that goes beyond the basics, here it is. This book shows you how to create real-world applications that will put you at the forefront of development for the most rapidly growing OS in handheld computing. Pioneering Palm software developers Mann and Rischpater walk you through the source code for their programming examples, teaching you both about algorithms that solve problems specific to the Palm OS and more general purpose application-level programs.
 detaily: ISBN: 0471390879| stránok: 381| jazyk: english| vydané: 2000| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoeBible For Palm OS: The Only TRUE Handheld Bible Study Software!
 With the growing demand for quality Bible-based program for Palm OS handhelds, Thomas Nelson is answering the call by introducing a highly innovative Bible study program. With a unique interface conducive to true study, eBible for Palm OS proves once again, that Nelson Electronic leads the pack in ground-breaking, high quality software products. Building on the eBible brand, backed by the Thomas Nelson name, better functionality, and quality titles set us apart from all other competition.
 detaily: ISBN: 0785251588| stránok: 0| jazyk: english| vydané: 2004| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoFirst Week With My New Digital Organizer: A Very Basic Guide to Palm OS Pdas
 The First Week With My New Digital Organizer takes the mystery out of all this "tapping and beaming." In basic terms and in a logical sequence, the reader learns the parts and pieces of a variety of PDAs that use the Palm Operating System®. Learn how to perform all those tasks you bought a PDA for: organizing an Address Book, keeping a Calendar, making Notes, recording Expenses, and remembering your "To Do" list. In addition learn the tricks of the special written language called Grafitti and all the easy ways to synchronize information.
 detaily: ISBN: 1892123835| stránok: 242| jazyk: english| vydané: 2002| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoNS Basic Programming for Palm OS
 Palm OS powered devices have been a phenomenal success, with millions being sold each year. NS Basic for Palm is a development tool that lets people who use the world's most popular programming language easily create applications for these devices. It is one of the most popular development tools for the Palm Platform, being used to create applications for business, education, government, as well as personal users who want to create a special application or game. NS Basic Programming for Palm OS provides a complete guide to developing applications for the Palm Computing platform using Basic.
 detaily: ISBN: 0969584466| stránok: 317| jazyk: english| vydané: 2002| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoPalm & Pocket PC Programming
 A guide to developing applications for the main types of modern mobile devices-the Palm OS and the Pocket PC, this book focuses on using the new MobileVB tool from AppForge to create PDA applications. The applications developed are specifically for Palm devices, pocket computers with the Pocket PC/Windows CE operating system, and for Kyocera and similar communicators. Descriptions are of a different, free development environment from Microsoft-eMbedded VB 3.0-that allows programmers to create applications for pocket computers with the Pocket PC OS and its previous version, Windows CE.
 detaily: ISBN: 1931769206| stránok: 320| jazyk: english| vydané: 2003| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoPalm Database Programming: The Complete Developer's Guide
 All the tools and information you'll need to write effective applications for Palm devices Palm(TM) Database Programming The demand for developers who can build applications for the Palm OS(TM) platform has never been greater. Now, with this "how-to" guide, you'll gain the necessary skills to program these new devices. Written by a software engineer specializing in Palm OS development, this book covers everything from the basics of Palm devices and writing applications to database synchronization and building database-centric applications.
 detaily: ISBN: 0471354015| stránok: 356| jazyk: english| vydané: 1999| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoPalm OS Network Programming
 The wireless revolution has touched off a huge demand for Palm OS network applications. But information on how to connect a Palm is fragmented across dry function listings in the SDK documentation, a couple of book chapters, some sample code, and a few articles on the Palm web site. Palm OS Network Programming pulls all the necessary elements together in the first complete guide to developing network applications for the Palm Computing Platform. The author assumes knowledge of Palm programming in C, but no network experience is required.
 detaily: ISBN: 0596000057| stránok: 456| jazyk: english| vydané: 2001| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoPalm OS Programming
 The PalmOS is the most widely-distributed operating system for handheld computers, with tens of millions of devices in use worldwide. Palm has a thriving developer community, with over 350,000 registered developers and countless hobbyist developers. The new edition of PalmOS Programming introduces the many updates to the PalmOS operating system in the past 24 months, including wirelss, color, and the Visor devices. In addition, this book looks forward at the next generation of Palm development and the new OS 5 slated for release in late 2002.
 detaily: ISBN: B0007UD6Y0| stránok: 576| jazyk: english| vydané: 2002| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoPalm OS Programming Bible, Second Edition
 The most complete Palm OS 5 reference available – don’t write a line of code without reading it! Examines new Palm OS handheld models and new tools for developing Palm OS programs. Includes new working code samples for developing conduits, which synchronize data between handhelds and PCs. Contains a new chapter on the Virtual File System, which allows for handling of data on removable memory cards in the newest Palm devices. Covers the new graphic and sound capabilities available in OS 5.
 detaily: ISBN: 0764549618| stránok: 1008| jazyk: english| vydané: 2002| predajca: Amazon

pagelogoPalm OS Programming From the Ground Up, Second Edition
 Write custom Palm OS Cobalt applications for business, communications, entertainment, and other uses with help from the step-by-step guide. Following a start-to-finish sample application, you’ll learn to work in the Palm OS Developer Suite to build programs that run on all Palm OS devices, including the palmOne Treo, Tungsten, the Fossil Wrist PDA, and many others. Create user interface elements such as buttons and scroll bars, develop databases, and much more. Plus, you’ll learn to test your applications and apply the tricks and techniques used by professional programmers.
 detaily: ISBN: 0072222891| stránok: 650| jazyk: english| vydané: 2004| predajca: Amazon

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